• Enhance your Coaching Career with My Roadmap

    Make a difference to your business and team by enhancing skills and
    empowering self development


Increase performance through empowering the passions of busy business executives.


Use our powerful Coaching Platform to simply manage and communicate with your clients and staff.


Help create key milestones and outcomes that enhance lives and develop personal capabilities.

Different device, One destination

Design for Desktop, Tablet, Iphone and Andriod

Utilize App technology to
engage, develop, deliver and
measure self-development
roadmaps for people around you.

Know-how to enable individuals to
address challenges themselves.

Each of your client’s roadmap
will have its own timelines that are
specific to his/her pace of

Invite your clients to join
workshops. Let them share their
knowledge or experience.

Both you and your client can
monitor progress and
communicate accordingly

We offer 18 coaching session
topics, hundreds of topic
questions and assessment
questions for you.

Coach Portal

Use the coach portal to interact with your clients. Simply invite, communicate and manage your clients.

Invite new clients and create milestones and coaching sessions.

Check their feedback or assessment for each milestone or coaching session

Mobile Accessibility

You can access the coaching portal through computer, tablet or even your mobile.

Get notifications of client's activity (answered coaching session questions or accepted workshops).

Forgot your schedule when you are outside? Don't worry, just login to the coach portal and check the calendar.

Roadmap App

Every My Roadmap App user has access to a highly effective self-development tool for day to day support without having to always be face to face with a coach.

Check personal timeline of milestones. Answer coaching session questions.

Send feedback to the coach. Access our resource centre.

Best Plan to boost your clients



  • 1 Coach Platform license
  • 5 App users
  • 30 days free trial
  • Cancel anytime



  • 1 Coach Platform license
  • 10 App users
  • 30 days free trial
  • Cancel anytime



  • 1 Coach Platform license
  • 20 App users
  • 30 days free trial
  • Cancel anytime

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Download Roadmap App from Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Roadmap app should be activated from portal. More information please download the App and check the info pages.

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