Different Device, One Destination

My Roadmap App is designed for busy business executives who want to give their employees personalised career coaching, and life coaches who wish to become more accessible. Designed for self-development while giving 24/7 access, My Roadmap App gives the message that when it comes to personal or career growth, NOW is always a good time.

My Roadmap App makes the road to self-development accessible. As a native app, My Roadmap functions exceptionally well across various operating systems and devices. Use our app with your staff or for your professional coaching services and connect with the people you want to help no matter where they are.

Through our app, business executives and life coaches can assure their staff and clients that support is always within reach, while giving them the independence to work on their goals at their own pace.

Designed for Desktop, Tablet, iPhone and Android

Grow as a business and gain a sense of progress and accomplishment. Utilise App technology to engage, develop, deliver and measure self-development roadmaps for people around you.

Know how to enable individuals to address challenges themselves. Every App user has access to a powerful self-development tool for everyday support, without having to be face to face with a coach.

Each of your client’s roadmaps will have its own timelines that are specific to his/her pace of development – organised in a secure, accessible area from your platform.

Invite your clients to join workshops. Let them share their knowledge or experience. Allow members to connect and interact with each other within your community.

Communicate with your clients the easiest way and stay in the loop with their progress at all times. Both you and your client can monitor progress and communicate accordingly.

We offer 18 coaching session topics, hundreds of topic questions and assessment questions for you. All files and comments are private and secure, and everything stays together.

Coach Portal

Use the coach portal to bring your mentoring or professional coaching services to wherever your clients or staff are. Simply invite, communicate and manage your staff or clients.

For professional coaches, you can invite new clients and create milestones and coaching sessions. From your powerful self-development app, clients can access documents, online scheduling and other tools to keep them engaged in an optimal coaching experience.

Check their feedback or assessment for each milestone or coaching session. You may also track your sessions, minutes and session notes.

Mobile Accessibility

Manage all your clients from anywhere in the world – all you need is your digital device and an internet connection. You can access the coaching portal through computer, tablet or even your mobile.

You can give the best of your professional career counselling services or staff mentoring abilities, minus the complicated manuals or training courses. Simply invite people to access the portal to track coaching engagement progress.

The portal lets you send and receive notifications and reminders for sessions. Get notifications of client’s activity (answered coaching session questions or accepted workshops).

Forgot your schedule when you are outside? Don’t worry, just log in to the coach portal and check the calendar. You can keep track of upcoming sessions by date and time at a push of a button; easy for you to access anywhere, anytime.

Roadmap App

Every My Roadmap App user has access to a highly effective self-development tool for day to day support without having to always be face to face with a coach. Aside from your career coaching services or staff mentoring process, your community can grow and learn from communicating and interacting within a single intuitive portal.

Check personal timeline of milestones. Answer coaching session questions. Each timeline is specific to the clients’ pace of development, zeroing in on their own personal growth and progress.

Send feedback to the coach. Access our resource centre. Coaches can create their own library of online resources accessible to clients.

MyRoadmap App on IPhone

AI Assistant – Watson

Watson is your partner in providing professional career counselling services or personalised mentoring. He will assist your staff or clients with their development and help them achieve their goals.

‘Coach the Coach’ Programme

Improve as a coach and watch your business grow.

MyRoadmap is here to help your clients, however who helps you? Effective coaching is defined as a relationship in which a coach helps develop skills and knowledge to enhance a person’s personal and professional growth. We understand the challenges of what you do, so we have created a ‘Coach the Coach’ programme. This tool comes with monthly mentoring services to support and enhance your coaching career. Through 5 easy steps, you can become a better coach in 6 months.

Delve deep into a mind-set of a coach, uncover blind spots, create your development roadmap and examine your development as a coach. Experience all these and more with the “Coach the Coach” programme.

5 Key Steps

Help you to becoming a better coach.

Coach Platform

Use our powerful system to grow capability of your people.

Utilise App

Turn self-development into a daily habit.


We are confident that My Roadmap is just what you are looking for. That’s why we allow coaches and managers to try our app for free and discover what they can accomplish with My Roadmap. Start your free trial today and enrich the people you work with at a completely different level.